We Love Autumn

Welcome to my very first blog post! I couldn't think of a subject more fitting than autumn. My absolute favourite time of the year, the autumn season is filled with symbols of time changing, nature moving on and stunning colours. 
With colour in mind, I wanted to highlight some of my top pics for an autumnal bride.
Leather jackets are wonderful accessory to add to your bridal look, they are so fun to personalise - you can choose to add your future surname, lyrics from your first dance, a floral design to tie in with your own wedding bouquet...anything you can think of, the sky is the limit. And a jacket is a wonderful keepsake you can wear after your wedding day too! 
If you want a design that is simple and elegant then our new Branches template is perfect for you. A gold or rose gold finish is great for offering that autumn feel.
Moving onto hair accessories, there are endless possibilities! Brides often ask me what type of hair accessory they should wear for their specific hairstyle, and my answer is often the same - a hairvine is perfect for any style hair up or down. Created with loops at either end a hairvine can easily be pinned into place using kirby grips. I create vines on a flexible wire so that they can be shaped to suit your style. 
One of my favourite hairvines for autumn is the Ferne Vine set with Garnet gemstones.
If you love the Ferne collection but want a more subtle hairpiece then our hairpins work beautifully in an updo. 
For a softer, more dainty style our enchanted glass collection is ideal. Created by hand-wiring and painting individual petals, this design is available in over 100 different colour combinations. But just for this season, I have launched the Autumn colourway! A beautiful blend of rustic oranges, coppers and reds to imitate the changing leaves.